Let's learn how to develop a simple timer in LabVIEW NXG. The image shows the labVIEW Panel with

  • three Numeric Controls to set hours, minutes and seconds,
  • a Power Button to start the contdown,
  • a Numeric Indicator to display the remaining seconds to count,
  • a Round LED that lights up at the end of the countdown. 

The VI is simple, so we can see in the Diagram below. It requires principally:

  • a While Loop that repeats the code on its subdiagram until a specific condition occurs: a While Loop always executes at least one time and behaves similarly to a do while loop in other programming languages (for example C),
  • an Elapsed Time VI that indicates the amount of time that has elapsed since the target time we specify.

20190115 Timer NXG1.0




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