We are often asked how much it will cost to create a custom program or application for a client. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the programming and time required to accomplish the task. In order to deliver an accurate quotation of the expected time and subsequent costs, we require that client sent us a written description of the program or application to be created. This description should include sketches of the user interface, both input and output, as well as any calculations that are involved in taking the input to the output.
There are times when a potential computer program or application can not be well defined in these terms. We can work with clients to create a functional specification of the application they have in mind. A functional specification is the result of an analysis of their system request. One of the features in the functional specification is a section detailing the required programming as well as another section containing time estimates for completion.
It is not always necessary to build a functional specification, however it is a good idea for client to write up a basic description of the program that he need. When doing this, he had to try to anticipate all the exceptions. When he is ready, sends the description to us for review and we can talk about his idea over the telephone or by email. Include drawings and sketches of anything that has a graphic input or output. Although we have extensive experience in the engineering world, we may not be well versed in all the nuances of his particular discipline.